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Betting Websites Aid in Emergence of a New Profession

When it comes to off-beat occupations, most of us don’t normally think of sports or other real-time betting as a way to make a realistic living. The advent of betting web sites has made it more accessible than ever. While still relativity new as a profession, it recently made an appearance in mainstream media when a professional sports better, James Holzhauer, appeared on long-running game show, Jeopardy! and changed the game forever. His strategy for domination saw many records broken and some new ones set. Though some have already tried, it will be interesting to watch if other contestants actually succeed with the same strategy, which involves a level of risk that most are not accustomed to taking in their day-to-day lives.

The level of risk, probablistic outcomes, and statistical research are important things that need to be studied, and some high rollers are thrilled to have found their calling. While once just an enjoyable pasttime, sports bar attendance has also changed, with the motivation now fueled by economic gain. Statistics professionals, previously reserved for CPAs and self-proclaimed mathletes, are also dabbling in the new trend, which before now was mostly reserved for usually young, aggressive day traders in the volatile stock market. The accessibility of other platforms and categories through the internet make this important distinction between the stock market and other real-time betting.

With the popularization of fantasy football and other fantasy sports, another demographic has emerged as well. Though it has been a staple of college campuses and fraternity houses for quite some time, the audience has now spread to other young, math-minded professionals. Betting websites, such as, also host an aggregate of betting websites, platforms, and categories for many different categories. Who knows, we may yet see a surge in the once-obscure title of “professional sports gambler!”

I May Get a Promotion

The truth is that it is not really due to my abilities on the job, instead it is because my boss has a real gambling problem and I am a lot better at what he is trying to do than he is. His wife is the one who came up with the original scheme, supposedly one of us was going to act like we knew a bookie that would take his bets. Instead we used a series of betting web sites, just in case he won. The dumbest of his bets we simply started to ignore. They put me in charge of the scheme about three months ago and I started to take all his bets, but cash up front.

5 Tips For Remote Tech Support for a Small Business

You may be the CEO of a new business with a lot of requests from clients or you may be an IT professional at a small firm where new infrastructure is required. No matter what position you are on right now, you need advanced technology solutions. However, you may want to keep in mind that installing and maintaining new systems can pose a challenge. So, you have to be ready to deal with this challenge. One way is to hire a dedicated employee or outsource the tasks to a good team of professionals. Given below are a few tips that can be used to organize remote tech support.

Identifying the results

First of all, what you need to do is identify your desired results. It’s important to keep in mind that each small business has its own requirements as far as tech support is concerned. So, it’s a good idea to decide on what you want to achieve. Moreover, you may want to find out about the technical issues that you may encounter. For instance, your requirements may be different if your area gets regular power outages.

Your next step is to make a list of your main IT tasks and the desired results that you want to achieve. This will help you get a better idea of your needs and choose the right type of technical support.

Choosing the provider

It’s not a good idea to take this decision without thinking a lot. You should take your time to do the research and look for the right company. The provider should have good reputation and a support plan that won’t break the bank.

Considering in-house tech support

A dedicated IT staff can help a lot provided you take into account all the important factors, such as the company size, tech challenges, and your internal and external needs related to your customers.

Considering hybrid solutions is also a great idea where you can bring a professional to handle critical issues. For other projects, you can use a remote IT support team. For instance, you can use this team to take care of emergency issues.

Investing in good software

Your business may have more than one location. Your commitments may be time-sensitive and your deliverables may be complex. Your customers or clients may be diverse with needs that keep on changing.

To meet these needs, you need to buy a reliable remote app in order to offer support to each of your client. The same app can be used by your staff to get access to important data as needed.

Consulting IT pros

If your business experiences small issues on a route basis, you can get advice from the pros whose job is to fix those issues on a daily basis. For instance, you can head to tech support forums where many pros offer advice for free of charge to those who need it. You may be amazed to know that even complicated issues can be solved with simple tricks.

Tips to Select Good Computer Support Online

Online computer repair services have become a fast and reliable problem solution for day to day technical trouble shoot needs. But with so much of service providers available to the corner it is always wise full of evaluate them prior to approaching them for your needs. Here is a list of some of the tips that one should consider.

In today’s world, most of us try to look at online services, when we need to search for anything. Whether it is about searching business data or information to use in daily lives, Internet has emerged as the most reliable as well as a convenient source of search.

If you have ever purchased or owned a desktop or laptop, you will come across a problem at some point. Where you think you can go to avail solutions for all your technical problems? Well! Internet can help. There is a plethora of online computer repair support resources available to help you with your technical complexities. However, what you should always do is contact some form of remote computer services.

Choose the online computer repair service resource who you think is professional, quick and helpful. The last thing you want to be to get in touch with some form of support to see if it is actually good fix computer problems or not. You require online computer repair services, which hold proficiency and real knowledge about their subject matter. As such, online computer repair resources hire qualified and certified techs. It is one place where you can have both quality and cost effectiveness hand in hand.

Most remote computer service companies offer services to both home users and to business users, and customize services to cater what you need according to your preferences. Here is the example of some services that you can expect from different computer support companies.

If you are having a slow running PC, or If you want to improve PC performance, you need to have a best online computer repair service to fix problems. Your PC can have a lot of viruses if you are regular Internet users and use the Web without having any protection on your system. You may not even know that you have any threats on your computer until it is too late. Whether a business or a personal computer gets struck down with any of these, the effects can be catastrophic. Good computer support resource will offer you antivirus installation or spy ware removal to help you get rid of mal ware.

Thumb Drives – Great New Technology!

The ability to easily move data from PC to PC with minimal inconvenience is just another benefit computers have brought to the current business world.

Over the past few years, the different options to save and move data have multiplied dramatically. Usually the floppy disk (with it’s 1.2 MB limitation), ZIP drives, CD-R’s & CD-RW’s, and even tape backups are the common ways to move data on non-networked PC’s.

The latest innovation, the USB Removable Flash Memory (Thumb Drive, Key Drive, Flash Drive, USB Drive, Micro Drive) brings a whole new meaning to easy transport of data. These USB compliant devices are small enough to fit on a key ring or carry in your shirt pocket.

As a way to protect sensitive information, the security of one of these drives can’t be beat. It’s in your pocket!

Their size belies a huge data storage volume; the current sizes start at 16MB and go up to 4GB. The pricing on these devices is steadily falling, making the purchase of one of these handy drives almost a must have item.

6 Tips to Find the Best Software Company for Your Business

Whether the entrepreneur is seeking a new software company or one to replace the current provider, it is imperative that a good company is discovered. However, with the myriad of companies in existence, finding the most suitable one may prove to be more of an arduous task than expected. Below are traits to keep a lookout for.

1. Cloud Software Providers

It goes without saying that a large majority of Software companies provide custom software. This is essential, due to the fact that these companies would be able to create programs to suit your exact necessities. In addition to custom software, however, it is important that you seek businesses that provide cloud-based software. Cloud-based software is the best type of software currently available. Thus, it is important that the company is capable of providing this type of program.

2. Look for a Communicative Staff

A staff which communicates often with its clients is a highly coveted trait to look for. Keeping good contact with your software provider means better relations. Being able to communicate well and easily with the software company allows for easier trouble shooting and possibly favorable management. And it never hurts to have an extra friend or ally within the field of business.

3. Seek Dedicated Customer Support

A great customer support staff should be a keen aspect sought for by most potential clients. With a dedicated customer support, you can expect to have your problems handled in a professional, timely and accurate manner. This is vital in software companies because technical problems with the software are incredibly difficult to solve on your own.

4. Aim for Reasonable Prices

More often than not, you would have to discuss prices with the company themselves as each product developed requires a different amount of time and effort. It is best to find works that are reasonably priced. This does not necessarily mean cheap. Low priced products may not be as efficient as you may think. The same applies to the more expensive programs.

5. Examine their Website

The saying goes to not judge a book by its cover and this does indeed hold some merit. Yes, you should not make your decision based solely on the website of the software company. However, a professional website will certainly give some sort of insight into your potential partner. Questions to ask when viewing their website are, “How organized is the website?” “Is all the information available?” “How much information?” Even the aesthetics of the website will help you to determine the quality of work the company produces. The more meticulous a company is with their website, the greater the chance they will be meticulous with your product. Now, it is imperative to remember that a good website does not always denote a high quality company. It only improves the chances of a quality company. And if the software company does not have a website, that would increase the chances of that company providing low quality material.

6. Find Companies that Give Free Demos

When purchasing products which require a large amount of money, it is imperative that you know what you are buying. The trait of providing free demonstrations from a company often signals the fact that this company is confident enough to showcase their quality material at no cost. This also gives you the opportunity to view what this company is capable of, further assisting you in making your informed decision.

Smart And Useful Tips To Keep In Mind When Choosing A Provider Of Phone Systems For Small Business

It is really great to know that leading phone solutions specialists today can provide practical solutions that will let all businesses or companies, big or small, experience all the benefits that first-rate phone systems for offices can bring, and at affordable prices.

And to get the best value of investing in a business phone system, start by choosing the right phone services provider. Their professional experience and reliability can provide all businesses the needed solutions and technologies that are truly beneficial and their expertise can help the business-owner or decision-maker to understand the options better and therefore lead them to make smarter, well-informed decisions.

Here are some useful tips to consider in choosing a good phone system provider:

Look for a provider that offers plans and/or systems that are simple and clear. Choose a provider who can deliver all-in-one solutions that can make life simpler and more manageable for the business and all the staff. Leading providers present easy-to-understand proposals to help clients select the best option according to their business type and requirements.

They can be flexible with the payment methods. Reputable well-known providers can come up with friendly pricing and easy payment options by giving customized solutions that are relevant to the unique business needs of their clients. As such, phone systems for small business is highly attainable and can really materialize.

They have a well-experienced and responsive customer service and technical team. The best and most reliable provider makes sure they employ only experienced and qualified professionals who can provide technical services and comprehensive, ongoing support to clients. They are also easy to reach and very helpful anytime they called up.

The provider has a wide range of selections from leading brands. Smart businesses know that investing in established phone system brands such as Avaya, Panasonic, LG-Ericsson, Samsung and Alcatel is more practical in the long run because of the reliable performance and more innovative features these manufacturers offer. Choose a provider that is also an authorised seller of solutions from established brands and ensure top-rate performance and service, as well as significant return on investment.

Keeping the above traits or features in mind when looking for and choosing your phone system provider will certainly enable you to have one less worry in running your business and have the best and dependable communication system in the company that you, your staff and customers can always use effectively and rely on.

Smart Small Business Tips

Owning a small business demands a great deal of time and attention to details. These details can make the difference between making a profit and suffering a loss, particularly in difficult economic times. To keep your business in top form, spend the time attending to those areas that can cause falling sales and rising costs. This attention will go a long way toward making your business a financial success.

Monitor Expenses Frequently

Each day can have a number of surprises that can mean unexpected costs and loss of productive time. It can be critical for small business owners to periodically monitor these unscheduled expenses to see how they affect the bottom line. A monthly review of expenses is not too frequent to ensure that you are making the adjustments needed to continue to make a profit. Without this monitoring habit, you can quickly find yourself in a hole without being aware of it until the expenses have taken a large chunk out of your profit margin.

Keep Up With Technology

Technological changes occur so frequently, it’s often difficult to keep up with current developments. Faster computers, cloud sourcing and mobile technology can ultimately save you money and make your team more productive. Educate yourself about new technologies by reading about these products online or in technology magazines. See if any of them could help your business reach more customers, monitor financial transactions better or help your workers produce more in less time.

Target Your Advertising Efficiently

Advertising can be a huge percentage of your monthly budget, so make sure you are getting your name in front of the right target audience. Before allotting your advertising budget quarterly, research the various options that are available in your local area. New publications and flyers are always being produced. Determine how well past advertising efforts have worked and consider changing to a different medium. Consider using local radio or TV for advertising your products or services. Ensure that your website is getting regular traffic. If not, consider marketing packages offered by your website host.

Use Social Media For Marketing

Set up a Twitter or Facebook account and post to it regularly, describing your product or services. Offer helpful hints or information that people can use in their daily lives. Invite comments and questions to keep your business in the forefront of lively and interesting online conversations. Link your accounts to other related information that can be helpful to online readers.

Offer First-Time Customer Discounts

To attract new customers, offer a first-time customer discount to introduce these new people to your business. Give them the royal treatment and they will use word-of-mouth to bring other customers to you.

Start A Rewards Program

If your business is one that relies on repeat business to build revenue, consider adding a rewards program. A rewards program needn’t be complex and time consuming. A simple punch-out card that offers a “get one free” after a certain amount of purchases can keep customers returning to you, time after time. A rewards program can also be simply the ability to bundle a number of items at a reduced price. Look for ways to save your customers money while encouraging them to return to your business in the future.

Prospective Reflections on Computers and Technology

The millennium era is the season for information technology, internet and computers. They become the parts and parcel of our daily life. We cannot dream of living without them. In order to honor them, I provide in this article, various prospective reflections on computers and technology.

Here they are:

  • Technology is ruled by two types of people: those who manage what they do not understand and those who understand what they do not manage.
  • Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.
  • The first rule of any technology used in a business is that automation applied to an efficient operation will magnify the efficiency. The second is that automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency.
  • Information Technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can meaningfully talk about one without talking about the other.
  • Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they are basically good and smart and if you give them tools, they will do wonderful things with them.
  • Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem and a big idea turn into an innovation.
  • The science of today is the technology of tomorrow.
  • I think it’s fair to say that personal computers have become the most empowering tool we’ve ever created. They are tools of communication, they are tools of creativity and they can be shaped by their user.
  • Treat your password like a toothbrush. Don’t let anybody else use it and get a new one every six months.
  • The next major explosion is going to be when genetics and computers come together. I am talking about an organic computer – about biological substances that can function like a semiconductor.
  • Computing is not about computers anymore. It is about living.
  • With all the abundance we have of computers and computing, what is scarce is human attention and time.
  • The new information technology – internet and email – have practically eliminated the physical costs of communications.
  • Part of the inhumanity of the computer is that, once it is competently programmed and working smoothly, it is completely honest.
  • By the time we get to the 2040s, we’ll be able to multiply human intelligence a billion-fold. That will be a profound change that’s singular in nature. Computers are going to keep getting smaller and smaller. Ultimately, they will go inside our bodies and brains and make us healthier and smarter.

Summing up, those are quite a few reflections on computers and technology that speak boldly on their prospects, importance and efficiency.

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Useful Tips For Buying A Copier

Every business establishment, whether big or small, needs a copier. Xerox introduced its first fully automated plain paper machine in 1959. Since then, copiers have seen a significant amount of technological development. Modern ones can combine copying, laser printing, scanning and faxing into one machine.

You can find digital and analog copiers in the market. Companies prefer digital ones as they produce less noise, have fewer mechanical problems and reproduce fine lines and photographs. Whether you are looking to buy a new copier for your home or office, here are a few tips to help you make the right choice:

Need– Every business has different printing needs. Get a relatively accurate idea of the number of pages the device will be required to copy in a month. If you require frequent color copies, go for a color copier that offers great options, low cost per click pricing, fast speed and superior image quality. Defining your needs well in advance will help you in making the right decision.

Features– Different copiers come with different features and functions. They also define the cost of the machine. You should consider additional features like, handling different paper sizes, wireless connectivity, security, energy efficiency, graphic capabilities and finishing capabilities.

Consider A Multi function Device– It is always better to buy a single business machine that can scan, fax and print documents rather than buying multiple ones. A single device is cheaper than separate business machines. You should weigh the pros and cons of a single multi function device over a simple copier and additional machines.

Speed– You should check the speed of printing before buying. Keep in mind that faster is not always the better.

Cost– Take into consideration the amount your business is currently spending on outsourcing the task. Buying a copier for your business helps you save both time and money. This will also make your office more productive and versatile. Your staff will be able to serve the business needs more efficiently. You should consider buying a high-performing machine considering it a good investment.

Support– Do proper research and buy a copier manufactured by a reputable company. You should buy from a company that you can not only trust, but also the one that can give you support and maintenance when you need it. This will help you in saving a lot of headaches down the road. The company should offer proper technical support, cleaning and repairs.

Taking time to do research before buying a copier will help you save money. You can also browse a range of copiers available online to get good deals.