I May Get a Promotion

The truth is that it is not really due to my abilities on the job, instead it is because my boss has a real gambling problem and I am a lot better at what he is trying to do than he is. His wife is the one who came up with the original scheme, supposedly one of us was going to act like we knew a bookie that would take his bets. Instead we used a series of betting web sites, just in case he won. The dumbest of his bets we simply started to ignore. They put me in charge of the scheme about three months ago and I started to take all his bets, but cash up front. The dumb bets that he made I never pressed and instead I gave the money back to the wife. The others I bet when I was reasonably sure that they were not certain to lose.

People soon started to think that I had a talent for this, but of course I was only doing it on a rational basis so far as I could tell. We though about the fact that we might just put all of the money in a sock, gamblers always seem to lose in the end. However it was believed that some of the time he would actually win more than he lost. That is exactly what I have done. Of course he thinks that he has been losing. It is a strange thing, but now I am in good with the boss’ wife. The fact is that he is only the boss so long as she is willing to put up with him. I figure that is going to be until his daughter graduates from high school, but that is only a feeling that I get from talking to her.