Betting Websites Aid in Emergence of a New Profession

When it comes to off-beat occupations, most of us don’t normally think of sports or other real-time betting as a way to make a realistic living. The advent of betting web sites has made it more accessible than ever. While still relativity new as a profession, it recently made an appearance in mainstream media when a professional sports better, James Holzhauer, appeared on long-running game show, Jeopardy! and changed the game forever. His strategy for domination saw many records broken and some new ones set. Though some have already tried, it will be interesting to watch if other contestants actually succeed with the same strategy, which involves a level of risk that most are not accustomed to taking in their day-to-day lives.

The level of risk, probablistic outcomes, and statistical research are important things that need to be studied, and some high rollers are thrilled to have found their calling. While once just an enjoyable pasttime, sports bar attendance has also changed, with the motivation now fueled by economic gain. Statistics professionals, previously reserved for CPAs and self-proclaimed mathletes, are also dabbling in the new trend, which before now was mostly reserved for usually young, aggressive day traders in the volatile stock market. The accessibility of other platforms and categories through the internet make this important distinction between the stock market and other real-time betting.

With the popularization of fantasy football and other fantasy sports, another demographic has emerged as well. Though it has been a staple of college campuses and fraternity houses for quite some time, the audience has now spread to other young, math-minded professionals. Betting websites, such as, also host an aggregate of betting websites, platforms, and categories for many different categories. Who knows, we may yet see a surge in the once-obscure title of “professional sports gambler!”